Answers-in-Law is a reliable, useful and ethical interactive directory service, where your privacy and welfare is of utmost importance to us. We have taken every measure to ensure that you and your personal information is protected, from the way Answers-in-Law is developed, operated and its services delivered subsequently.


Every one of the lawyers is qualified and practicing in a well-established, reputable legal firm. He/she is bound by all the rules and regulations set out by the Bar Council. You can verify the lawyer’s accreditation before appointing him/her as your lawyer by contacting the Malaysian Bar at 603 2031 3003 or alternatively visit their website at


Answers-in-Law is overseen by a Compliance Council to:

1.     monitor the standards of service

2.     maintain high standards of ethical and professional conduct, and

3.     ensure all monies are handled properly.


The Answers-In-Law Council members comprise of past members of the judiciary and ex-members of the executive and legislative branches of government.


All information given will be treated as confidential. If you are not satisfied with the advice given by the panel lawyer, you can ask for a second opinion from another lawyer.


You have access to an avenue of recourse and can lodge a complaint if you are not pleased with any part of the service, e.g. the service provided, the professionalism of the lawyer, or if you feel that you were given negligent advice. You can lodge a complaint with our Complaints Council (click here for the complaint form) which is under the purview of the Compliance Council. An impartial, legally qualified Council member will then review your case.


All calls are recorded for your protection.


Calls are recorded for the following purposes only:

·         when revisiting an old case (to refresh or recall facts)

·         when referring to an ongoing case

·         in reviewing complaints, or

·         when verifying facts or information given